To move an app between pages in a folder, use the same technique as moving an app anywhere on your iPhone: Tap and hold the app until it starts to jiggle. Then drag it to the right edge of a

How to Temporary Unhide/ Hide Email Mailboxes In iPhone Mail app in iOS more functional, some hidden Mail app tips and options we should try and it’s very useful for the privacy basis. Few of them are Hide email inbox in iPhone, Reorganize multiple accounts, Hide or Disable Unread Email Count badge on the mail app icon. Apple doesn’t give an option or enable lock on mail app so no one can access or read private/ important mail directly from the How to Password Protect Photos on iPhone and iPad The workaround as provided below makes use of the Notes App to truly Hide and Password Protect Photos on iPhone. Before going ahead with the steps to Password Protect Photos on iPhone using Notes, you want take a look at this guide: How to Password Protect Notes on iPhone. This should help you get a good understand of how the “Lock Notes” feature works on iPhone. How to Hide Apps on iPhone (iOS 12/ iOS 11) - [2 Methods] Then take up any app which you want to hide and make a folder by placing it on any other app as shown in the image below. How to Hide Apps on iPhone (iOS 12/ iOS 11) When a Folder will be created, then Press Home Button and the apps will stop jiggling. Now again hold that app which you want to hide or which you had placed in a Folder (in Step 2). How To Hide Apps On Android Phone (4 Ways) - oTechWorld

Jan 05, 2020 · In the below article, we will look into some of the best hide apps Android/iPhone 2020. also check – fingerprint lock screen prank apps / screen lock apps. 1 Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro Android/ iPhone. It is Best Hide App Android/ iPhone 2020 and it is trusted by more than 20 million users with average rating of 4.6.

Find the application that you will hide on the screen of your iPhone. Press and hold the application …

How to Hide Apps on iPhone in iOS 13 [Lock,Clone]

Dec 10, 2019 · Hide App Store Purchases in Mac App Store. Launch App Store on your Mac. Be sure you are signed in. 2. Now, click on your name located at the bottom left sidebar. 3. Next, you should see all of your purchased apps. Hold the pointer over a specific app and click on the three dots that pop up. Then, choose Hide Purchase. Jul 26, 2018 · Hide Private Apps on iPhone X As you can see, while you cannot hide apps individually, using the age restriction feature is good enough to hide sensitive apps. While things might have changed a little in iOS 12, the underlying principle remains the same.