How to Turn Off “Ok Google” on Your Android Device

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How to disable OK Google voice search on Android

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How to turn on Google Voice Search - Quora

Aug 28, 2019 google voice actions - How do I turn off speech search in The easiest way to do this would be to disable the Google Voice search app. Go to your Apps settings menu (System Settings --> Apps). Slide to the left until you get to the 'All' list, scroll down until you find the app named 'Google Voice Search', click it and click the disable button - now reboot your device. Edit: How to turn off the voice control for windows 10 Follow these steps to turn off the voice narrator on your computer: Open Control Panel. Then select Ease of Access. Under Ease of Access Center, click on Optimize visual display. Uncheck the box for Turn on Narrator, below the options for Hear text and descriptions … Google Product Forums