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Finding your device's build number or Android version is incredibly easy. To start, open the Settings app that you'll find in your app drawer, or via the Notification panel. From here, scroll down to the bottom of this menu, then select the "About phone" or "About tablet" entry. How to check the Android version and ROM type on your The Android version, on the other hand, has an important word to say when it comes to using hidden menu codes, like codes for prompting the unlock message, codes for checking the lock level of your phone, codes for access into the debugging screen etc. How To Update Android Phone | Update To Latest Android OS To get the most out of your Android phone, you should download the latest available operating system. Play video. Updating your Android. 1. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi. 2. Open Settings. 3. Select About Phone. 4. Tap Check for Updates. If an update is available, an Update button will appear.

If using Windows, while in Android Studio, go to: File > Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Updates. And look at "Current Version", where it will tell you which Android Studio version you are using. Works for Android Studio 2.3

Apr 10, 2020

3 Methods to Update Android Version to Android 10 (Q)

To find out which Android OS is on your device: Open your device's Settings. Tap About Phone or About Device. Tap Android Version to display your version information. How do I update my device to the latest version of the Android OS? Device models receive software updates at different times. Typically, you'll receive a notification on your Android | The platform pushing what’s possible Android for developers. Find the latest documentation, CodeLab tutorials and early previews. Learn more. Android for business. Browse recommended devices, explore resources, and check out the latest white papers. Learn more. Read up on the latest. The newest OS updates. The biggest announcements. How to Check Android Version You are Using? - TechTipsUnfold Jul 24, 2018