BT want to charge the earth to put a separate line in however there is a telephone box opposite his bedroom booming out a cracking openzone signal. Looking at BT web site he can get unlimited

Oct 15, 2008 BT Wi-fi is the new name for BT Fon and BT OpenZone - CNET BT Wi-fi is the new name for, er, BT's Wi-Fi, as the telecom giant rebrands its BT Fon and BT OpenZone offerings, going with a lowercase 'f' in 'Wi-fi', just to keep us guessing. BT OpenZone Product Review | SC Media BT OpenZone Rating: 4.00 out of 5 of the OpenZone client software’s quirkiness in not fully supporting the use of VPN software once the underlying WiFi network login had been completed.

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Openzone In A Box is a cost effective way to WiFi enable your business . Make money from your existing Broadband Internet connection by selling Openzone vouchers. You will receive £220 worth of Openzone Vouchers: 20 x BT Openzone 1-hour Voucher (valued at £6 (inc VAT) each) 10 x BT Openzone 24-hour Voucher (valued at £10 (inc Vat) each) Connect XBox Live BT Openzone - YouTube Aug 19, 2014 BT Openzone – A blog from Criminal Barristers

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BT OpenZone is now known as BT Wifi . What is BT Openzone? Essentially, this is BT's network of wi-fi "hotspots". If you have a computer, mobile or other device with built-in wi-fi, you should be able to get Internet access on the move by connecting to one of the many BT Openzone access points in the UK. Using a BT Openzone Access Point Get wireless Internet | Find wi-fi hotspots | BT Wi-Fi This policy only applies to customers with a BT Wi-Fi /BT Openzone Together, Global or MoD Site Subscription account. Why do we have a Fair Use Policy? This Fair Use Policy is designed to make sure that all BT Wi-Fi customers receive a fast and reliable service, whatever the time of day. A very small number of our customers use the BT Wi-Fi Get wireless Internet | Find wi-fi hotspots | BT Wi-Fi the resources provided via the Extranet remain the property of BT and are provided only for the promotion of BT Wi-Fi. The resources must not be copied (unless explicitly permitted), amended or defaced and must not be used in any way inconsistent with the promotion of BT Openzone.