I have a site to site VPN tunnel setup between an ASA5505 and SonicWall Pro 4060. The tunnel won't setup and I am getting an odd set of errors (different from the ones I am used to). This is the output from the ASA debug crypto isakmp and debug crypto ipsec commands: CiscoASA# Apr 10 21:42:37 [IKEv1]: Group =, IP =, Information

RV042 Config site to site VPN . RV042 Config . ASA CONFIG . access-list IRELAND2PK extended permit ip crypto ipsec transform-set IRELAND-PK esp-3des esp-md5-hmac . crypto map test-map 20 match address IRELAND2PK. crypto map test-map 20 set pfs. crypto map test-map 20 set peer RV.RV.RV.139 03/26/2012 15:11:35.400 - Debug - VPN IKE - RECEIVED ISAKMP OAK QM (InitCookie:0x8cb7f01ad26b896f RespCookie:0x7d6fa1fb7a5384b1, MsgID: 0xE15EE87A) *(HASH, SA, NON > 0xf489476e3aa956fc, MsgID: 0x0) (NOTIFY:INVALID_ID_INFO), > 500, 500 Kannst Du den ID type in der sonicwall setzten, glaube mich erinnern zu Oct 23, 2006 · the VPN server is a NETGear FVS114that alone should give us access to the network since the other gateway end is the exact same thing from my understanding all the VPN connection is done

Jan 08, 2010 · Sonicwall Model: Tz 215 Firmware Version: SonicOS Enhanced The following IPSec settings will be used in this section of this configuration document: Sonicwall Tz 215: Phase I Main mode 3DES SHA-1 MODP Group 2 (1024 bits) for DH SA lifetime of 28,800 seconds Preshared Secret Phase II 3DES SHA-1 MODP Group 2 (1024 bits) for DH SA

After setting up the VPN, during Phase II we get a "Received notify: INVALID_ID_INFO" From what I remember and have read, this is usually due to the networks tabs not lining up properly. For local network, I am choosing the X0 interface as my network, which is a 192.168.x.x /24 on both sides. Apr 01 15:11:47 [IKEv1]: IP =, IKE_DECODE RECEIVED Message (msgid=5456d64e) with payloads : HDR + NOTIFY (11) + NONE (0) total length : 56 Apr 01 15:11:47 [IKEv1]: Group =, IP =, Received an un-encrypted PAYLOAD_MALFORMED notify message, dropping Apr 01 15:11:47 [IKEv1]: Group = Aug 14, 2012 · 1754 11/29/2001 16:20:18.500 Group = y.y.172.63, IP = y.y.172.63, Received non-routing Notify message: Invalid ID info (18) The following indicates that the local gateway is not finding matching interesting traffic.

Oct 19, 2013 · Site-to-site VPN connections are very easy to create between Sonicwall devices, almost ridiculously easy. Here’s how to do it. Sonicwall let’s you set up site-to-site VPN’s in a number of ways. I find the easiest and fastest way is to use the procedure that Sonicwall recommends when one of the VPN gateway Sonicwalls receives its …

RECEIVED<<< ISAKMP OAK INFO (InitCookie 0xf861373a2d9eec6a, MsgI 0x76729296) *(HASH, NOTIFY:INVALID_ID_INFO) Received notify: INVALID_ID_INFO 0 Votes