HOW SHOULD I SECURE MY WIRELESS NETWORK? If you set up a wireless network, it is very important that you use all of the security capabilities of the devices. These include: Use the strong (128 bit) WEP encryption built into the devices. Some products only support 64 bit encryption, but most wireless devices support both 64 and 128 bit encryption.

How to secure my wireless network? | Tech Support Guy 2007-10-7 How to secure my wireless network? | Yahoo Answers 2011-1-17 · The most important thing is your network key. Switch to WPA asap, as WEP keys can easily be sniffed and cracked within 5 minutes. Another method is to enable mac address filtering, which basically tells the router only to let a unique computer onto the internet..The problem with this is if you have a friend or if you get another computer etc, you'll need to update your filter. Secure your home wireless network - Knowledge Base

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1-Enable MAC Filtering- This is probably the easiest way to keep intruders off of your wireless network although the least secure. You can enable a White-list of MAC

How to Secure Your Wireless Network | PCWorld 2007-4-9 · The best way to protect a public wireless link is by using a virtual private network, or VPN. VPNs keep your communications safe by creating secure "tunnels" through which your … How to secure your Wi-Fi in simple steps | TechRadar 2020-7-24 · Secure wireless network: top tips for secure Wi-Fi. TechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. How to Secure a Wireless Network | Digital Trends It’s hard to completely secure a wireless network, but these steps will assure that your wireless signal is better protected. Use a combination (preferably all) of the steps when securing