From Google Chrome 13.x version, the Citrix web plug-in is enabled by default. In some cases, this can cause a failure of ICA files during launch. This feature is a part of Google Chrome and is independent of Citrix Receiver. This is NOT part of the Citrix Receiver installation and works in the same manner as Internet Explorer plug-ins, but

Google Chrome Browser Not Working in Windows 10 After an May 22, 2019 [Fixed] How to Fix Flash Player Not Working in Chrome How to Fix Flash Player Not Working in Chrome. There can be a number of random reasons why the flash player on Google Chrome is not working. We will try to fix issues caused by some of them here. Here are the most effective solutions to this problem: Fix: Recaptcha not Working in Google Chrome - Mar 02, 2020

Jan 24, 2019 · Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser which is available on a number of platforms including Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Windows 10.

Jun 25, 2019 · This wikiHow teaches you how to fix common errors in the Google Chrome desktop browser, as well as how to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome browser on both desktop and iPhone. Most common errors in Google Chrome stem from using an unsupported version of Chrome or having too many programs or data inside of Chrome. Nov 20, 2018 · Chrome not working. Before you apply this particular fix, you need to check if it will work for you. Open Task manager and go to the Services tab. Sort the service by name i.e., alphabetical order and look for the CryptSvc service. Right-click it and select ‘Restart’ from the context menu. After that, check if Chrome is working or not.

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