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Apr 03, 2020 Pi-Hole with pfSense - A much better way is to have pfSense hand out as the DNS server for all DHCP devices on the network. To do this, simply go to Services, then DHCP Server in the pfSense webpage. Scroll down a little bit to the server section and you will see a DNS Servers field. Enter your Pi-Hole’s IP address here, then scroll down and click save. pfSense Firewall and Manual DNS Entry Question Oct 16, 2017 Ultimate pfSense OpenVPN Guide - Tech Help Guides Jun 12, 2017

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How to set up ProtonVPN on pfSense - ProtonVPN Support Let me explain, pfSense dns resolver was fine and Proton VPN working fine until I rebooted and after some long hours battling the problem I tried using google for testing I realized the issue was as simple as just using instead along side

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Now we can configure the pfSense DNS resolver settings to register DHCP leases in DNS to allow for easy name resolution. Browse to the ‘Services’ menu and select ‘DNS Resolver’. Scroll down and select to register DHCP leases and if you are using static DHCP mappings, register those as well. Mar 15, 2019 · The settings in the client settings section will be assigned to OpenVPN clients when they connect to the network. If you are also using pfSense as your local DNS server, you would enter them here. Separate DNS servers also can enter here. Optionally DNS, NTP server can be provided to the VPN clients from here. Jan 01, 2019 · Important DNS Note. If you are not using DNS over TLS to a trusted, privacy oriented DNS Resolver like CloudFlare's, then you will leak your IP over DNS and this could be a problem . To get around this, you should hard code PIA's DNS servers on the system you are putting over the VPN. The DNS servers are and