My iPod touch is able to connect to a local wireless network, but when I try to open up safari, mail, or other app, it says that it is not connected to the Internet. I know that it is not a problem who the cable because other devices (iPhones, laptops, androids, etc) are working. I think that my iPod touch is not compatible with the wireless

Ipod touch internet is not working? | iLounge Forums Dec 12, 2008 iPOD TOUCH PROBLEM (Wi-Fi) - YouTube Mar 23, 2008 Why can't I connect to the Internet with my iPod touch Not all wifi networks allow free Internet access either. Many wifi centers like Starbucks or McDonald's charge you 2 or 3 bucks for the connectivity, which can add up quickly! Here's how to connect to the Internet with an iPod touch: Assuming you have a wifi network at home, or are near a wifi hotspot, go to Settings and then Wi-Fi on your iPod Ipod touch internet not working? | Yahoo Answers

I bought a used iPod with cracked touch screen and was told that wifi worked only to find it didn't. The iPod had been dropped on that corner and must have damaged the antenna section. I found I could get connected if I put the iPod right next to the wireless router antenna. But of course that is worthless.

Dec 11, 2008 · I keep getting the message: Cannot open page: Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet. It says right under the settings that it is connected to the linksys network. I tried to going to different networks, I tried restoring the software from itunes, and it still If your device is giving you grief like mine did, don’t wait and let the issue escalate. In the following article, we have given you tips on how to resolve the issue when the screen is not working properly. Steps to Fix Your iPod Touch Screen. Firstly, you can try a hard reset. It is advised to restore the device to see if the problem still Oct 06, 2017 · If you put your iPod Touch aside and haven't used the device for months or even years, iPod touch could be in extremely low battery and won't be woken up by pressing the power button. System glitches. If your iPod Touch was working fine and just became dead in the next minute, it may be caused by system glitches and can be easily fixed.

I upgraded to Windows 10 after I bought my computer last year, which came with Windows 8.1. My ipod was not recognized by the computer and after many hours with fixes that didn't work and time with the Apple support team, I removed Windows 10 and went back to Windows 8.1 and it's working fine.

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