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Jun 08, 2018 Connect PS3 With HDMI Cable - PlayStation Turn on the PS3 by pressing the touch-sensitive [On/Off button] on the system front. The red light will turn green, indicating the PS3 is now turned on. Note: The blue light will also appear on the front of the system if you have a disc inserted. Plug in the TV and turn the power on. The PS3 should detect the HDMI display device automatically. How to Easily Connect & Use PS3 controller on PC As we all know that the game cannot be played smoothly with Computer or Laptop Keyboard. Well, If we play with PS3 Controller on the PC then the Control remains properly in the Game. The PS3 controller is important to become a champion. If you have a PS3 controller and want to play games with. Here we have written a complete guide to use PS3 How do I connect my Playstation 3 to my Dell Inspiron Oct 23, 2012